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Successful entrepreneurs and investors know that the right time to get into an industry is at the beginning of its growth. Industrial hemp is a lucrative opportunity that can’t be ignored.

This book, Marijuana Hater’s Guide to Making a Billion Dollars from Hemp, is your roadmap to tapping into hemp’s vast potential to create a sustainable permaculture that transforms our economy and protects our environment—while making you rich.

Marijuana Hater’s Guide to Making a Billion Dollars from Hemp


Industrial Hemp

There’s a proven product poised for billions of dollars in growth—and you can get in on the ground floor. Industrial hemp, now legal, is the crop of the future, the savior of the economy, and your ticket to wealth. Tap into this emerging industry with Marijuana Hater’s Guide to Making a Billion Dollars from Hemp and discover hemp’s:

historic role as a mainstay of the American economy

sustainable product potential to replace hundreds of non-renewable materials

current use in more than 25,000 products

ability to transform the agriculture, energy, medicine, fuel, food, and plastic industries


The Farm Bill of 2018 opened the door to industrial production of Hemp. More than 30 states have adopted programs that will provide jobs, replace dying industries, and boost local economies using this fast growing, sustainable, ancient plant. The country, the world, could be on the verge of a new clean industrial revolution that could add billions of dollars to the economy.

We trace hemp’s journey from food and fiber in 6,000 years ago to the most important national security commodity and largest industrial crop in the world at the beginning of the 20th century to the root of all evil in the 1930’s. Advocates of Hemp world wide, have been educating and lobbying to remove the stigma and show the potential of this amazing resource.

Passage of the Farm Bill Act could be just the start of a whole new industry that can deliver everything from food to energy, medicine to building materials, and paper to plastics. Look for release of this important new film later this year, and stay tuned to our YouTube channel for updates.

Farmbridge is dedicated to bridging the gap between Hemp and Humans.

Matthew Harmon

Matthew Harmon, author of Marijuana Hater’s Guide to Making a Billion Dollars from Hemp

Matthew Harmon is changing the face of American industry and our economy through his role as a thought leader, business consultant, lobbyist, and investor guide to the hemp industry. A successful businessman, documentary filmmaker, and author of  Marijuana Hater’s Guide to Making a Billion Dollars from Hemp, Harmon advocates for America to unshackle a potential $1 trillion industrial hemp economy—to build a prosperous and sustainable future.

Harmon is a seasoned real-estate executive with a sharp eye for viable commercial and retail business ventures. When California decriminalized cannabis, business opportunities increased as prospective tenants took advantage of its new status.

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